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It’s vital that you pay some attention to your heating system. While the air conditioner is certainly the priority in all of northern Palm Beach County and the Treasure Coast, you still need heat. You rely on the heater to start right up, live up to expectations, keep running costs low, and deliver long-term value. The only way to make all those demands a reality is through annual, professional maintenance. It’s quick, convenient, and cost-effective and begins with a call to Duke's Air Conditioning and Heating at 561-770-8888.

Top-Quality Heating System Service

We handle everything for home and business owners. All your temperature control needs are within our scope of expertise, including every make, model, and type of heating system. Our skilled technicians are familiar with the ins and outs of residential and commercial equipment, follow intensive service protocols, and make sure all components are working as they should.

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Through very detailed troubleshooting, we expose any potential concerns and get them taken care of before you’re disrupted on the coldest night of the winter. We clean to protect against air quality contamination, test for the sake of safety, and complete a long list of strategies to maximize airflow, energy efficiency, reliability, longevity, and comfort. In other words, we do everything right and what’s best for you. Schedule seasonal heating maintenance with Duke's Air Conditioning and Heating anywhere across Tequesta, Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens, Lake Park, Juno Beach, Hobe Sound and North Palm Beach, FL.

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