Duke’s Comfort Plan

Duke’s Comfort Plan provides you

Peace of mind while keeping your air conditioning system right were you want it – out of mind.

Make your BEST choice for: savings, response, reliability, protection and safety. SERVICE, not selling. These plans offer the BEST and most AFFORDABLE options to avoid costly repair, replacement, loss of comfort, inconvenience or loss of safety. These plans are like SMOKE ALARMS , helping to prevent major problems or putting the fire out before it becomes a catastrophe.

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Duke’s Comfort Plan Members Receive:

  • Two Tune-Ups Per Year
  • $69.99 Service Calls
  • 15% Discount of Parts
  • Safer Home
  • Great Value
  • Special Offers
  • Energy Savings

2 tune-ups a year include:

  • Clean Condenser Coil
  • Clean Air Handler Coil
  • Check for Possible Mildew Buildup Around Air Handler
  • Clean Main Drain Line
  • Check and Change Filters (filters must be provided)
  • Check Refrigerants Levels
  • Check Temperature Split
  • Check Amp Draws

Duke’s Comfort Plan costs $129.99 per year per unit or $14/month

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